Cuillinn Craft

(incorporating Charles Jameson Ltd.)

Just a few centuries behind the times...

  • Fine Reproduction Celtic Jewellery

  • Hand-made Bagpipes

  • Highland Dress and Accessories

  • CD's, Tapes and Music Books

Iain Sherwood, Prop.

301 Lexington Ave.

San Leandro, Ca. 94577

PH (510) 569-1689



A LONG TIME AGO (about forty years or so) IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY... (Connecticut) I lived and spent my time in school and pipe band, learning fingering, keeping those Taorluaths on the run, and enjoying the fact that good quality Highland dress stuff was relatively cheap. In following years I lived in Arizona, Colorado, and other points West and East, including some time mis-spent in Scotland working for Robert Allan in Edinburgh and John Fraser in Inverness. My natural inquisitiveness led me to learn a great deal about Highland Dress, Celtic art, jewellery making, and piping. As my father had trained me to be a machinist from the age of six, I fell into the 'craft' end of things quite easily.

Over the years I amassed a small but carefully selected collection of goodies, some of which were made by friends; some were lovely antiques. I was rather proud of what I had - dirks, sgians, brooches, all that neat sparkly stuff that looks so great - until most of it was stolen from me by a drug-addled acquaintance of mine some twenty-eight years ago. Needless to say I was not amused. When I finally acquired the funds to start collecting again, I ran into several problems:

  1. Anything of any quality and age was sky-high in price.

  2. You just couldn't get good jewellery from Scotland anymore without paying through the nose, and

  3. what was commonly available was rhodium-plated pewter junk.

So I put my Smithing Cap on and started making things. I still have my first Plaid Brooch (shudder - made after almost twenty years of inactivity out of nickel silver). I then started making functioning-cantle sporrans, belts, plaid brooches, and other items for my friends. I soon decided that I might try making a buck, and sold a few things at a couple of Games.

Hooda thunkit.

In 1994 I began representing Sharp & Co. bagpipe makers, and since then the Bagpipe end of the business has utterly dominated my sales. I sell very little jewellery any more, but I'll be happy to make you something special...I've currently got several dirks and sgians in production for Pleasanton...

Call me at 510-569-1689 or email with your enquiries.

Now, this is what we're all about:

CUILLINN CRAFT makes the finest Highland Dress accessories available today in Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold. Dirks, Sgians, Belt Buckles and Sets, Plaid Brooches, Buttons, Sporrans, and belts are all custom made for the discriminating collector on an order-only basis. We also now carry the prestigious Shetland line of sterling and gold jewellery. In addition, we offer a search service for fine antique jewellery pieces, and weapons.

CUILLINN CRAFT imports Highland Bagpipes by Kintail, David Glen, J&R Glen, and Drumran, and is the West Coast agent for Sharp and Co.,Bagpipe Makers in Glasgow, Scotland. We are also representatives for Inveran House of Newburgh, and Ian Murray of Forfar.

CUILLINN CRAFT sells the finest bagpipe accessories: L&M, ROSS, MARK BENNETT, and HAMILTON pipe bags, Wygent Synthe-Drone
TM and DuatoneTM Reeds, APPS, LUMSDEN, and our own CUILLINN chanter reeds. We also sell a wide variety of the latest bagpipe books, CDs and Tapes.

CUILLINN CRAFT are the Left Coast agent for The Kilter Co., makers of THE unique and practical highland dress luggage, "The Kilter." We also carry custom-knitted kilt hose, Victorian Gordon Highlanders pattern garters, Atholl Highlanders pattern garters, and we're adding new items all the time.

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All images on this site used with permission from Tamarsha B.V. / Twice Blown Music and Sharp and Co Bagpipe Makers LTD