CUILLINN CRAFT carries only the finest Scottish and Canadian -made bagpipes available today. Unlike many pipe dealers, we only carry a few makers - Thomas Doucet of JWM in the MacDougall tradition, Inveran Bagpipe Makers, a pipe maker that has its roots in both the Sinclair and Henderson traditions, now outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Colin Kyo Bagpipes made entirely by Murray Huggins in Oregon; Kintail, who continue the Henderson and Glen tradition and profiles in Glasgow; Dunbar Bagpipe Makers of Canada; and Tim Gellaitry of Scotland, all both fine artisanal pipe makers in the finest traditions of makers of old: meticulous attention to detail, fine, clear boring; and careful finishing throughout. New pages will be up later this year.

KINTAIL of Glasgow produces three lines of highland pipes- Kintail, J&R Glen, and David Glen, as well as the Drumran line of Scottish smallpipes. Their lineage goes back to Donald MacDonald, who established his shop in 1798 in Edinburgh, through several generations of the Glen families, and continuing their tradition and that of Peter Henderson today.

Kintail bagpipes, based on the 1888 Henderson model, are known as the backbone of pipe bands across the world. J&R Glen pipes, based on the 1848 model of Thomas Glen, are known for their sweetness and 'spherical' tone that envelops the listener. David Glen pipes, made from the 1798 Donald MacDonald model, are the oldest continued bagpipe manufactured today, dating from the 1827 Glen shop.


INVERAN BAGPIPE MAKERS of now in Delafield, Wisconsin, has a tradition dating to 1945, when Jimmy Tweedie went to work for William Sinclair; in the 1960s he established his shop on Dean Street in Edinburgh after a long career with both Sinclair and Macpherson Bagpipes. In 1977 the firm relocated to Loanhead, south of the city and right of the ring road, where they remained until 2003. In 1986 Jimmy retired, leaving the firm in the capable hands of Craig Scott; the firm is now run by two ex-Scots Guardsmen - Donald MacFarlane and Pipe Major Brian Donaldson.

Inveran bagpipes, based on the Sinclair exterior model with Henderson bores, are carefully crafted with exquisite detail. Not a large pipe maker, Inveran painstakingly creates fine pipes for the most discerning player; perfection is the only adjective used for their craftsmanship. In consideration of the TIME required to make pipes of this professional calibre, a minimum of several months is needed for any order.


pages for new pipemakers will be up soon =- we now have pages for JWM PIPES online


A note on the background picture: William Ross, piper to Queen Victoria from 1856-1891, replaced Angus MacKay as Queen's Piper after MacKay went insane (paresis); Ross formed a partnership with Henry Starck, a German flute and oboe maker, and 'Ross Bagpipes' were made in London from the early 1870s until Ross' death in 1891. Starck then moved to Dublin, where he invented the Brian Boru chanter for the Irish Warpipe, among other things. He remained active as an instrument maker until his death in the 1920s, when his sons moved the firm back to England, where they continued to make excellent bagpipes until their demise in the 1940s; the name was taken over by Boosey and Hawkes, and pipe manufacture was discontinued.

Note the full silver mountings on the stocks; the cairngorm mounted buttons, the silver brassard on the right arm, and the bullion embroidered pipe banner, similar to the one carried today by the current Queen's Piper