Ola Gorie has ceased trade sales.A page with our new line of Shetland Jewellery will be up soon.


Plaid Brooches

A Selection of Plaid Brooches

1. Engraved Hexagon Brooch 3-1/4" diameter $495.00

2. Sterling and 14k Gold overlay Brooch 3-1/4" dia. $650.00

3. South Shields pattern 3" dia.(2nd Century A.D.) $275.00

4. Eilan Donan pattern 2-3/4" dia.(13th Century) $295.00

Other Highland Essentials

ABOVE: top, l to r: our 2" penannular interlace kilt pin; a St. Andrew key ring; St. Andrew pendant; penannular with short spike for wear with a scarf; 1-1/4" open thistle brooch; a handforged 2-1/2" penannular; thistle brooch with real stone.

IN ADDITION to the items shown we also carry earrings, ladies' bangle bracelets, brooches, necklaces, torcs, and other items currently too numerous to mention. We'll be adding photos and listings to this page shortly

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