May 2013


So after much hemming and hawing, wrangling, and basically trying to figure out how to do it, the site will be seriously downsized in the next two weeks. I will be eliminating almost all the 'commercial' products and concentrating only on custom work - silver commissions, custom sporrans, bagpipe restoration and refurbishing, and the like. We will still be supplying all the Highland Dress goodies we're known for - our unique kilt hose and garter patterns, leatherwork, fine bespoke tailoring, custom tartan weaving, and hard-to-find items. We will no longer handle CDs, music books, commercially made silver, shoes, kilt packages, bunnets, and the like. We WILL still carry a good range of piping supplies, like REAL hemp and cobbler's wax, good chanter reeds, pipe bags, and the like, as well as custom bag covers, but all the commercial stuff is going. We will also still have practice chanters, and fine bagpipes from JWM, Inveran, Colin Kyo, Tim Gellaitry, Kintail, and Dunbar, as well as finding antique and refurbished bagpipes. For any questions, well, you know where to find me...I just can't carry all this inventory any more, and my photo business is taking a lot more of my time. Besides, it's a hell of a lot more fun.

Speaking of which, here are some examples from recent shoots:

Soooo...this column, after over fifteen years, is coming to an end. It will remain online, with much of the reference information, and I will make occasional postings which will go up on the marquee crawling on the front page. You can still follow CUILLINN CRAFT on Facebook (or Farcebook, as I call it), which also has a photo page for THROUGH A GLASS PHOTO, as well as the official THROUGH A GLASS PHOTO website and my work published on ZIVITY - but you'll need a membership there. If you email me with a request I'll send you a one month free membership so you can look at all the naked girls you want....

Well, sports fans, it's been great, it's been fun, sometimes it's been great fun. In the last sixteen years of writing this column (I refuse to call it a 'blog', which is an execrable word) I have met a lot of really great people, and a few assholes...learned a lot, taught quite a few, and seen this through good times and bad. When I quit selling at Highland Games it was because there's too much cheap crap on display there, made in Pakistan and elsewhere, shoddy goods that don't last. That's not what I make or sell, and I won't have anything to do with that shite.

I'll still put plenty of pithy comments on Farcebook,, and elsewhere, and I will have an announcement shortly for those who want books, CDs, and the like.

And no, WE ARE NOT CLOSING DOWN. We are just making the whole operation easier to work within light of my other profession, which I am thoroughly enjoying!



will appear occasionally as John renews the struggle against oppression in WUSPBA...I'll try to get an entry up soon.

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