Most of the items we sell are hand-made; many are custom made. Prices vary due to the cost and availability of materials. For the latest prices or a quote on a custom order please email us at: . We will respond to your enquiry via email. You may also contact us directly by snail mail or phone. Our address and phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.

CUSTOM ORDERS will take time. We require payment in full on all custom orders. If you change your order, expect delays. Here are some approximate production times:

Bagpipes - six to twenty weeks, depending on mounts and maker. We often get pipes in quicker than this time frame, but don't count on it. Celtic Standard Time is the rule here! Custom engraving can take up to six months, so be patient - the results are worth it!

Highland Dress Items - about six weeks for hose; three to four weeks for commercial sporrans. Kilts and tailoring, ten to twelve weeks is the average. Again - Celtic Standard Time. Custom weaving will add about three months to an order; hard-to-find cloth or tartan takes additional time as well. Custom belts, sporrans, and so on can take several months, so don't expect these things in a hurry!

Sterling Jewellery - dirks and sgians - about three months. Belts, brooches, and so on - about one month at time of writing. We're trying to speed up production time, but it just isn't happening.

SHIPPING: we will ship USPS, FedEx, or UPS air. Typical shipping costs are: $5-7.00 for small mailed items, like one or two books, hose, some reeds, and so on; jewelry, between $8-15, depending on value; pipes, about $50 for 2-day air. We don't offer ground service; everything is shipped insured. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, NOTIFY THE SHIPPER (and US!) IMMEDIATELY and we'll do our best to fix the problem ASAP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not send your Visa or Mastercard number by E-Mail. Call us with your card number. With custom items we'd like to discuss your order anyway. ALSO we do not keep card numbers on file; it's illegal unless the cardholder gives express permission, so please remember to give us your number again when you order. We like to get to know our customers as best as we can, to better serve them. That's you!

Recently someone tried to order a set of pipes directly from the net; not only were the circumstances suspect, but he offerred an invalid credit card number, then got huffy (by email, no less!) when I tried to explain that this wouldn't do, and he should call me to straighten this out. It was obviously some kid trying to put one over on me. Well, it didn't work, and it can't work, so kiddies, don't even try. I won't support any kind of internet fraud. period. It wastes my time and drives up the bank fees.



We want ALL our customers happy with our products and service. Occasionally mistakes occur. Our return policies are as follows:

STOCK ITEMS: hose, garters, bonnets, stock jewelry items, practice chanters, pipe chanters, books and CDs, returned in UNUSED CONDITION, will be given a store credit only. This policy is due to high credit card transaction fees. Any damaged or obviously used merchandise will be returned to the purchaser without refund.

PIPING SUPPLIES: no refund on chanter reeds, cane drone reeds, seasoning, hemp, or other piping sundries. Wygent or other synthetic Drone reeds, returned in UNUSED condition in original packaging, will be credited. Damaged or tampered reeds cannot be returned.

CUSTOM ORDERS: no credit or refunds issued on custom made goods except for tailoring mistakes on our part. Custom jewelry, bagpipes, leather goods, tailoring, kilts, weaving, knitting, and embroidery are all on a non-return basis. We do our utmost to please you, the customer, by providing the finest quality available in import merchandise and goods of our own manufacture. We feel that our work is second to none. We endeavour to provide accurate pictures and designs on all custom work before the work is done, and obtain customer approval before cutting begins. We cannot offer ANY refunds on custom jewelry, engraving, tailoring, embroidery, or any 'one-off' custom work. Here endeth the lesson....

SO, please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or snail mail if you have ANY questions about any of our products, piping, Scottish History, Highland Dress, Jacobitism (lost but not gone!), heirs to the throne, Scottish politics, or anything you want to shoot the breeze over - we're usually here unless we're on the road or playing a gig.

Our mailing address:


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